Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I should have updated this a while back...

I've started my own Indie game studio "Headtrip Games"

Last July I left Rockstar Games, it was a crazy big decision since they were so good to me. I decided to take a break from studio life and see if I can make some nutty stuff in Virtual Reality. Its been an EXCELLENT year so far, I'm making my first game! 

I'm creating a science fiction adventure game entitled "iOmoon", an insanely immersive virtual reality experience where you crash on Jupiter's moon iO.   You must survive and explore your way through to your rendezvous point. You actually feel like you are there..IT"S SICK!!

Please check out my company and games here

Monday, September 16, 2013

I can finally share what I've been working on for... GTA5!

Here are some reviews and Media of areas I worked on. For GTA5 I mainly did lighting, foliage, materials/textures and props.  Had a blast working on this!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My wife's Doll photos

My wife Kristy likes to make clothes for dolls, as well as add wigs... did a photo shoot today, the models were friendly but had allot of attitude once we were done...

Friday, September 28, 2012

New kittens...

We added two little buddies to our family last weekend...
Izzy (male orange) and Muffin (male Dark tabby)... both Siberians.
Hopefully soon I will have  more body shots, they are soooo insanely cute..stubby legs and squat bodies.  Never had such beautiful cats, big fat tails, puffy necks...  good stuff.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

convert a mandelbulb to a 3Dmesh

Here's how to convert a mandelbulb to a 3Dmesh:

required apps:
- mandelbulb3D
-zbrush or meshlab(free)
-3dmax or whatever 3Dapp you use...

1. in mandelbulb3D, find an awesome the usual moves to find a good area...
2. go to utilities, voxxelstack
3. press "import parameter from main"
4. preview max size 256 (64 for fast preview) it (click the scale if you dont see anything...overall scale down and up (in/out)
4b. select an output folder (make a new one)
5. zslices: start at 700 up to 1000
5b. check index with leading zero
6. start rendering slices..wait (there is a rendering slice count that moves)
7. open fiji
8. import sequence
9. select first image
10. use default, plus check use virtual stack
11. file save as PGM, in same folder
12. file save as wavefront obj
13. threshold 0
14. resampling factor 2 is good, 1 is really thick ...up to millions
15 channels: use only red
16. save in same spot, watch the mesh file size until it stops increasing.  You cant tell when fiji is done otherwise.
17. import into zbrush, tools important
18. flip faces using the display options, flip
19. click edit to rotate it
20 clean with dynamesh tool  (geometry, dynamesh, set blur to 0, click dynamesh button)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Goofy drawing of something...

Bismuth Crystal photos (Lancaster PA)...

...Picked up some "Bismuth Crystals" today at Roots Country Market, Lancaster PA.
The geometry is just amazing, I need to get some good stereoscopic photos of these in a lightbox when I get home...

Bismuth (element #83 on the periodic table) forms beautifully colored and geometrically intricate hopper crystals, shown in the image to the left, as it slowly cools and solidifies from its molten state.The distinctive, 'hoppered', shape of a Bismuth crystal results from a higher growth rate around its outer edges than on its inside face. The higher rate of growth on the edges forms a crystal which appears to be partially hollowed out in a rectangular-spiral stair step design. The crystal's eye-catching array of colors results from the formation of a thin oxide layer on its surface.  Learn More...