Saturday, December 13, 2008

2nd Global illumination lightmap test (playable)

Download the playable version here:


  1. Hey Drew,

    You've done a great job there!
    I keep being amazed at how you pull these great images off.
    Downloaded the "demo" as well, runs great on my laptop.

    On my spare time i'm working on my own horror-survival game (not much i can show yet though, just started again ;)), I hope you dont mind if i ask you some questions someday about how you get these great visuals into 3dgs.

    I would love hearing from you, you could contact me through msn (dennisiscool [at] hotmail [dot] com) or drop me a PM at 3dgs forums (where my nickname is helghast).

    I know youre a busy man, but keep rocking 3dgs with these great levels ;)

    kind regards,
    Dennis van den Broek

  2. oh man, im sorry, just saw this post... drop me an email anytime, I would be happy to help!!